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5 Design Principles to Master for Better Display Ads in Atlanta


Repetition and proximity are two design principles that can improve your display ads. They help make certain elements stand out and create unity in the ad. The distance between elements can also help them stand out. By following these principles by Social Cali Atlanta marketing agency, your ad will look more professional and more impressive.

Color palettes should be minimal

Colors are one of the most noticeable elements of a page. Users can make snap judgments about your company based on your color palette alone. Research shows that the more striking colors are, the more likely they are to be remembered. Therefore, you should try to use colors that stand out from the rest of the design without clashing with each other. Consumers tend to favor color palettes that have similar tones or a contrasting accent color.

Color palettes are also a great way to communicate hierarchy. They can be used to distinguish different elements, such as text and headlines. For example, you could use purple to highlight the content that is most important to your audience. You could also use brighter tones, such as red or blue, to emphasize different parts of the message.


Alignment is a fundamental design principle that helps to create order and consistency in a design. Good alignment creates a professional look and provides a clean vibe. Alignment is an essential aspect of graphic design and can be used in many different ways.

For example, alignment can be used to bring focus to a CTA button and help the overall visual look more coherent. A good alignment can also help to create synergy between various elements on a page, such as text, images, and other elements. Thankfully, there are countless tools to help you with this task, but if you're not a designer, you should consider consulting a graphic artist to help you with your project.

The basic principle of alignment is the placement of elements. Most compositions contain text using a specific alignment. Different sections of text can also use different alignments. Another example is centered headers, which separate headers and content from one another. This makes the page easier to read and scan.


If you want to create display ads that work, you need to know what makes good design. You can start with contrast. Contrasting colors make important points stand out. You can use a simple color scheme or use two or three primary colors to draw attention to important details. Keep in mind that the color you use will greatly impact your audience in marketing.


An Atlanta Digital Marketing Agency says Design is an essential component of display advertising. Your ads need to be visually appealing and catch the attention of the viewer within a few seconds. You also need to consider color, font, and placement. A good design will be simple and elegant, but should also be able to accommodate a variety of ad sizes.

A seamless design creates a better user experience, leading to higher conversion rates. Using a clean, consistent layout can increase conversion rates by as much as 400%. Your images should never be used simply to fill space. They are a vital part of the marketing process and will help your viewers remember what you have to offer.